Tyre Servicing done 24/7 !  Tyrewatch predicts a tyre problem and alerts a tyre service provider to fix it wherever the vehicle is located. Both driver and operations centre get real time tyre data - a significant advantage over gate-based and drive-over monitoring systems where vehicles are required to pass through or over a detection system and data is received at one point in time. Only by monitoring tyre temperature as well as tyre pressure from within the tyre can, in many cases, an effective analysis and action be taken.  


Tyrewatch is designed for truck and bus fleets. The system takes the tyre data off the vehicle and sends it live to the fleet manager, delivering alerts to the people who actually care.


Tyrewatch is a significant advance in tyre maintenance because tyre monitoring is combined with telematics which enables live data to be streamed to the desktop PC / Smart Phone together with the vehicle's location. With sensors in the tyres The tch system ensures that anyone who has Internet connectivity can receive the TPMS messages. 


Tyrewatch can reduce a fleet's costs significantly, You don't have to manually check the tyres any more, and you can reduce roadside breakdowns by up to 90 percent by eliminating tyre failures.You can also receive alerts from call centers and route vehicles to a tyre service provider before they break down. You can prioritise tyre maintenance and can dispatch technicians more efficiently, based on the severity of problems and the vehicle's current location.


The best thing about Tyrewatch is that it saves you money !