Key Attributes

The Tyrewatch TPMS monitoring system is designed to significantly reduce roadside breakdowns by predicting tyre failures before they  occur and informing the fleet manager and tyre service provider of what needs to be done at the depot to rectify the issue. Together with reducing your tyre bills and fuel bills Tyrewatch offers you an unbeatable package for less than the cost of a tyre. Sensors are fitted to each wheel and the data is sent simultaneously to the driver's cab and to your desktop together with the vehicles current location. In the case of an alert or maintenance report an email is sent to you and to your Tyre Service Provider to deal with the issue. 

Reduce Roadside Breakdowns

The two major causes of roadside breakdowns are brake and tyre failures.
85% of tyre failures are due to incorrect pressure and/or temperature. And rising temperature is often an indication of a brake problem.
Tyrewatch gives warnings of tyre pressure and temperature variations so that issues can be dealt with at the depot - drastically reducing the number of roadside breakdowns.

Display in-cab and on PC 

Tyrewatch in cab display gives the driver an alert for significant under/over tyre pressure, significantly high tyre temperature or for rapid pressure loss. Maiintenance Reports are generated by the Tyrewatch server for preventative action. You can pull up a vehicle's current tyre status, location and speed at any time by logging on to the Tyrewatch server. You can see historical tyre reports and maximum / minimum levels of tyre pressures and temperatures. You can also see how all the tyres across an axle are performing, this helps with idfendifying abnormal issues including those related to braking and suspension. Alerts and Maintenance Reports are automatically sent to you by email.  

Alert the Maintenance Team

The Tyrewatch system is continously monitoring the tyre data from fleet vehicles. Alerts for very low pressure, rapid loss of pressure and very high temperature are received simultaneously in the driver's cab and on the Tyrewatch Server. Maintenance Reports are generated on the Tyrewatch Server for slow loss of pressure, or gradual rise in temnperature. Both Alerts and Maintenance Reports as they are generated are emailed to the fleet operations centre and/or third party tyre service provider together with vehicle locatioon so that action can be taken.